The Amite High School academic department is actively pushing to raise the bar academically. After the first six-weeks progress reports were issued, the academic team organized a tutoring program to help struggling students with their studies.

Any athlete with a grade-point average lower than a 2.5 is required to attend tutoring Monday and Wednesday afternoons, a news release from the school said. The football team attends tutoring during seventh period, which is its designated athletic class time. Students on other teams, such as cheerleading, WaHoops and majorettes, must attend after-school tutoring from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., the release said.

One of the strongest aspects of the tutoring program is the peer tutoring offered by Beta Club members, the release said. The top students in the school volunteer their time to share their knowledge in various subject areas. Some of these Beta Club students and athletes are in classes together, which enhances the peer tutoring experience.

Students helping fellow students is beneficial due to a common understanding of what is being taught in teachers’ classes. Beta members benefit from participating by fulfilling the club community service requirement.

“I like earning Beta points and helping my friends with their school stuff,” sophomore Beta Club member Daniel Addison said.

“What I like most about the tutoring is helping my friends,” sophomore Beta Club member Kristen Good said. “I’m in the same classes as them, so when we get together to work on something, we can put our heads together. I think the system really works.”

Additionally, several certified teachers are available to give students one-on-one instruction and ensure the integrity of the program. “It’s a great opportunity for extra time to work with the students in a more personal setting and provide one-on-one help,” tutoring coordinator Shanda Addison said.

Currently, the focus of the tutoring is mathematics and completion of Edgenuity courses. Other areas of concentration will be incorporated, the release said. Plans include the addition of a writers workshop, where students will get small-group and individualized instruction in writing structure and composition.

The goals of the tutoring program include increasing student academic performance and, in turn, raising student performance scores on the ACT and end-of-course tests. Providing academic support will have far-reaching effects into the students’ futures. “We want Amite High’s student athletes to know that we, as a public educational institution, will do whatever it takes to prepare them for success in college and in life,” Principal Terran Perry said.

“We are proud of our athletic department as well as our Beta Club,” Perry said. “Our kids are quickly learning that we are all in this together. We can and should depend on one another for support.”