Hammond Eastside Magnet School fourth-grader Clarniesha Morris, who was a state representative for a day, was the star of a lengthy debate on the Louisiana House of Representatives floor on Dec. 10.

Morris answered dozens of questions from her fellow students about her legislation allowing students to use electronic devices in classes. Questions ranged from what would happen if a student couldn’t afford a device and how much they cost, to what happens if the electricity goes out or the batteries died, a news release said.

Her classmates voted to approve her bill by two votes.

“They’re learning how a bill becomes law,” said Rep. Chris Broadwater, R-Hammond. Broadwater arranged the event and moderated questions as speaker of the House.

Before taking the House floor, the students received a lesson on the legislative process in a committee room. They sat at House members’ desks and raised their hands to be recognized for questions, the release said.

“This is like the real thing,” Broadwater told the students.

The students also received a tour of the Capitol building.