Audrey Lanier, member of the Tangipahoa Volunteers for Family and Community’s Busy Bees, an all-volunteer arm of the LSU Extension Service, received her 50-year pin for volunteer service.

Lanier is a retired postal employee who now enjoys quilting and sewing, Busy Bees members said. Over the past 50 years, she has participated in many of the LSU volunteer opportunities in programs covering literacy, international, family life and environment in Tangipahoa Parish, they said.

As a member of the Busy Bees, her latest projects include sewing wheel chair bags for an organization that delivered hundreds of wheel chairs to Africa last fall and sewing ‘stuffies’ and ‘ouch dudes’ for North Oaks Emergency Room. Stuffies and ouch dudes are small stuffed animals given to children who visit the emergency room as a way to calm them down and brighten their visit, members said.

The Bees donate 50 of each every month, most of which are sewn by Lanier.