Live Oak High School helped Karen Parrino’s kindergartners at North Live Oak Elementary in Watson discover their green thumbs this spring.

Delanea Gates and her Students Teaching and Reaching class and 4-H members helped the youngsters plant a garden, teaching the children the importance of sustainable agriculture.

The Students Teaching and Reaching class is for students interested in becoming future teachers, a news release said. The students learn about all areas of child development, educational psychology and other areas in education.

Live Oak High’s 4-H members worked with the Students Teaching and Reaching students to secure materials and supplies for the project.

Parrino’s class planted tomatoes, bell peppers, parsley and mint and tended the garden daily, observing and charting the growth of the plants and documenting the time it took for them to produce.

The Students Teaching and Reaching students created a meal of mini biscuit pizzas and mint-infused tea for the kindergartners with the fresh produce harvested from the garden.

Every kindergartner went home with a tomato and bell pepper plant.

Gates and Parrino are collaborating on another agriculture project for this fall.