A new one-stop shop for student technology needs is now at Southeastern Louisiana University, offering students access to equipment, extended hours and 24-hour technical assistance by phone and email.

The Student Technology Center, located in Fayard Hall next to the War Memorial Student Union, was developed after students asked for greater access. Funded by SLU’s Student Tech Fee, the center is open from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week.

The facility houses 74 individual computer stations and several color laser printers and is serving nearly 500 students per day.

Staff attribute the large uptick in visitors to the lab’s convenient location near the Student Union and the increase in hours.

“The larger center and its new location are good for students,” STC student worker Brianna Pugh said. Student Chance Travis called the new facility “quiet and a good place to get work done.”

In addition to computer access, students can receive 24/7 technical assistance by telephone and email at the center’s Help Desk.

The Help Desk is also available for in-person assistance with printing, Moodle, Blackboard, LEONet, Gmail, Internet access, telecourses and general Southeastern account information. Free one-on-one technical training sessions are offered to both enrolled students and staff.

“Our intent was to create a student-centered, user-friendly operation,” university Chief Information Officer Mike Asoodeh said.

“The students are funding this service through their fees, so we wanted to ensure we meet their technological needs through a consumer-driven model.”

The STC also provides an equipment checkout service, called Mane Media, in which students can rent laptops, digital cameras, video recorders, projects and tripods for up to seven consecutive days. Faculty sponsorship is required to access the equipment.