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Photo provided by MATTHEW STUMPF -- Doyle High School’s sports medicine students who recently participated in the National Athletic Training safety awareness campaign include, front row from left, Hunter Stovall, Deon Ladner, Caitlinn Fruge’, Emily Padgett and McKenzie Friloux; and back row, Trevor Milton, Dalton Newsome, Ty Mixon, Cameron Bigner, Michael Wyatt Bankston, Landon Wascom and head trainer Matt Stumpf.

Students in the sports medicine class at Doyle High School produced safety information posters this month in recognition of March being National Athletic Training Month.

The monthlong national awareness campaign is celebrated by athletic departments and health-care organizations, a news release said. Athletic trainers are an essential part of any athletic health-care program, the release said. They take care of athletes’ injuries from the time of the injury until the athlete can return to play. In many school settings, the athletic trainer takes care of illness and injury for the entire population of the school. Students, teachers, cafeteria workers and custodians benefit from their services.

The Doyle High School students produced informational posters about severe weather awareness using a comic book format.

“This is a particularly timely topic considering the severe weather we have seen in the last few weeks,” said Doyle High School head trainer Matt Stumpf. “This was a very good way to show real-world application of the information learned in the classroom and take it to the student body and tie it in to this year’s theme, a safer approach to work, life and sport.”