October marked the long-awaited retirement for four Options participants, Laurie, Jeff and Amanda Fletcher and Chris Drolla. All four had been working on the cleaning crew at Southeastern Louisiana University’s Teacher Education Center at the time of their retirement, a news release from Options said.

Drolla has worked with Options since 1985 and has worked more than 20 years on the cleaning crew at the center.

Both Amanda and Laurie have been with Options since 1986, and their brother, Jeff, came on board two years later. The siblings have each worked different jobs during their nearly 30 years with Options, but as of their retirement, they were all with the cleaning crew at Southeastern.

“Options is proud of everyone on the Southeastern cleaning crew,” Options CEO Sylvia Bush said. “These individuals are dedicated to providing good cleaning services. We are especially proud of Amanda, Laurie and Jeff Fletcher and Chris Droll, who recently retired from their jobs with over 20 years of dedication.”