St. Thomas Aquinas honors high test scores _lowres

Photo provided by MICHELLE CHAUVIN -- Members of the Veritas ACT 30+ award, first row from left, are seniors Andrew and Amanda Jordan; second row, seniors Sam Sciortino, Blanton Burgess, Clay Parker; sophomore Butch Bartels, junior Josh Husser, and sophomore Logan Thompson. Not pictured are senior Christopher Gaudin and junior Abigail von Almen.

Ten students at St. Thomas Aquinas in Hammond joined the ranks of the Veritas ACT 30+ Club during the 2013-2014 school year.

Principal Jose Becerra said he believes this is the largest number of students to achieve an ACT score of 30 or above in one year. The Veritas ACT 30+ award at STA is given to all students who receive a composite score of 30 or above on the ACT college placement test.

The students are seniors Blanton Burgess, Christopher Gaudin, Amanda Jordan, Andrew Jordan, Clay Parker and Sam Sciortino; juniors Josh Husser and Abigail von Almen; and sophomores Butch Bartels and Logan Thompson.

Additionally, 40 students scored a 30 or above on at least one subscore on the ACT (English, math, reading or science). They are seniors Eric Alphonso, Bailey Barringer, Blanton Burgess, Madison Chauvin, Clayton D’Antoni, Keisha Davis, Cruise Dunn, Brittany Flynn, Bryon Garrety, Christopher Gaudin, Joseph Giavotella, Austin Gras, Zoe Hillis, Christopher Hudspeth, Rebecca Ishee, Amanda Jordan, Andrew Jordan, Anna Miller, Thomas Misuraca, Summer Naquin, Clay Parker, Bailey Penzato, Emily Rusciano, Dani Schillace, Sam Sciortino, Kara Tucker and Caroline Watts; juniors Bobbi Amar, Tori Durand, Julie Gaudin, Miranda Howes, Josh Husser, Catherine McRae, John Rohner, Emma Schillage, Brad Shafer and Abigail von Almen; and sophomores Butch Bartels, Shannon Garrety and Logan Thompson.