The Krewe of Erin will name a queen based on the Celtic values of scholarship, research and fine writing in an open essay judging contest for young women. The contest is open to women from high school sophomores to age 22, who have never been married and don’t have children.

The Maids of Erin in the senior court will compete on the same basis as the queen, with the same qualifications, a news release from the organization said.

The Court of Celtic Junior Maids will be open to girls in grades sixth through ninth, who must submit an 81/2 by 11-inch drawing or other medium of a labyrinth and a paragraph about labyrinths, the release said.

The Court of Celtic Princesses will be open to girls from kindergarten to fifth grade who also must submit a labyrinth drawing and paragraph.

The essay should be 500 to 750 words written in MLA style format with parenthetical references and a works cited page listing sources, the release said. A minimum of three sources is required. The deadline is Feb. 6.

For information, call (985) 981-4985 or email