HAMMOND — First- through fourth-place winners in three divisions were recognized in the 2018 Region 8 Social Studies Fair held at Southeastern Louisiana University on Jan. 31.

All first- and second-place winners advance to the state Social Studies Fair at LSU later this spring.

Division I includes fourth and fifth grades, Division II sixth through eighth grades, and Division III ninth through 12th grades.

Winners by parish and school announced at the event are:

Livingston Parish

FRENCH SETTLEMENT: Kindal Coates, Division I, first place, political science.

Tangipahoa Parish

HAMMOND HIGH: Vibnyogn Epuri, Division III, first place, geography; Dykia Williams, Division III, first place, political science; Abby Ortego, Division III, second place, history; Kiauna Conley, Division III, second place, political science; Ariana Naquin, Division III, third place, political science.

INDEPENDENCE LEADERSHIP ACADEMY: Donavan Roberston, Division I, first place, sociology; Gavin Hamm, Division I, fourth place, history.

MARTHA VINEYARD ELEMENTARY: Aaren Rocquin and Dylan Michelli, Division I, first place, geography; Zachary Juanitis, Division II, first place, anthropology; Aiden Hernandez, Division I, second place, geography; Kaiden Pilcher, Division I, second place, sociology; Mia Paretti, Division I, third place, political science; Wyatt Baker, Division II, third place, anthropology; Ava Garcia, Division II, third place, economics; Dawson Roussel, Division I, fourth place, political science: Kaydence Myers, Division II, fourth place, economics; Ty Baker, Division II, fourth place, Louisiana history; Aiden Dixon, Division II, fourth place, political science.

O.W. DILLON LEADERSHIP ACADEMY: Kiadra Bryer, Makalah Dyson and McKenzie Dyson, Division I, fourth place, anthropology.

ROSELAND MONTESSORI: Caleb Primes, Division I, first place, anthropology; Catherine Faust, Division I, first place, geography; Landon Carroll, Division I, first place, history; Brady Dunnington, Division I, third place, economics; William Graham, Division I, fourth place, anthropology.

SOUTHEASTERN LABORATORY SCHOOL: Layla Williams, Division I, second place, history; Chandler Hill and Edgar Salgado, Division II, second place, history; Gareth Brown, Division II, second place, history; Clara Lee, Division II, second place, sociology; Emerson Acosta and Christina Le, Division II, third place, history; Bryan Worthen, Division II, third place, history; Mia Austin and Angelique Nguyen, Division II, fourth place, history.