Livingston Parish

Breakfast: Dutch waffle or fruit and yogurt parfait, diced strawberries, fruit juice, milk

Lunch: Orange chicken, vegetable rice, steamed broccoli, marinated tomatoes and cucumbers, brownie 

Tangipahoa Parish

Breakfast: Colby cheese omelet with toast and jelly, fruit juice, banana

Lunch: Red beans and sausage, steamed brown rice, mustard greens, marinated cucumbers, baked apples, baked cornbread


Livingston Parish

Breakfast: Zesty breakfast taco or cereal choice, banana, fruit juice, milk

Lunch: Hamburger or cheeseburger, french fries, relish cup

Tangipahoa Parish

Breakfast: Pop tarts, fruit juice, fruit cocktail

Lunch: Sloppy Joe on bun, tator tots, baby carrots with ranch dressing, fruit cocktail


Livingston Parish

Breakfast: Buttermilk waffles, maple syrup or cereal choice, chilled peaches, fruit juice, milk

Lunch: Pork chop or Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, brown gravy, black eyed peas, yeast roll 

Tangipahoa Parish

Breakfast: Bacon, egg and cheese scramble biscuit, fruit juice, pineapple chunks

Lunch: Chicken fajita soup, homemade grilled cheese, steamed broccoli, pineapple chunks, whole-wheat crackers


Livingston Parish

Breakfast: Breakfast pizza or fruit and yogurt parfait, fruit cocktail, fruit juice, milk

Lunch: Red beans and rice, mustard greens, sweet potatoes, cornbread

Tangipahoa Parish

Breakfast: Grits, sausage link and toast with jelly, fruit juice, apple slices

Lunch: Cheeseburger on bun, seasoned french fries, baked beans, lettuce/tomato/pickle, apple slices


Livingston Parish

Breakfast: Bacon, egg and cheese extravaganza, toast and grits or fruit and yogurt parfait, banana, fruit juice, milk

Lunch: Pepperoni pizza, steamed corn, spinach salad, ranch dressing

Tangipahoa Parish

Breakfast: Maple pancake on stick with syrup, fruit juice, diced peaches

Lunch: Baked chicken, mashed potatoes/gravy, glazed carrots, diced peaches, baked wheat roll

FEB. 8

Livingston Parish

Breakfast: Mini powdered donuts or fruit and yogurt parfait, chilled pears, fruit juice, milk

Lunch: Cheesy chicken spaghetti, green beans, spinach salad, ranch dressing, King cake

Tangipahoa Parish

Breakfast: Sausage and cheese croissant, fruit juice, fresh orange wedges

Lunch: Baked pizza, pizza dipping sauce, buttered corn, orange wedges