CONTRIBUTED PHOTO FROM DELIA TAYLOR -- Deborah Kropog and her team of uniform distribution volunteers in Livingston parish. Sorting uniforms, from left, are Kropog, Linda Berthelot, Ashley Aime and Tammy Kuhn.

With thousands of homes flooded and families displaced, some of the greatest needs throughout the parish have been restoring school supplies, uniforms and shoes to students so they can return to the classroom equipped and ready to resume learning, school officials said in a new release.

School leaders quickly established a means to request and receive donations so supplies and clothing could be dispersed to students as soon as possible.

Juban Parc Junior High Principal Jeff Frizell, Literacy and Technology Center Director Kim Albin and Supervisor Ed Foster teamed up to collect, sort and distribute school supplies that were donated.

Curriculum Director Deborah Kropog managed a team of volunteers who collected and correctly sized uniforms and shoes.

They anticipate collecting and distributing more than 10,000 uniforms. Albany Middle School Teacher Joni Smith also used her position as the newly named Louisiana Teacher of the Year to reach out to organizations across the state and nationwide to give a variety donations.