First-place winners from the 2018 Livingston Parish 4-H Fashion Revue include, from left, front row, Taylor Coates, Kindal Coates, Gwendolyn Barbery, Claire Wilber, Lily Vetter and Cameron Thames; and back row Cassidy Charpentier, Abby Schwartz, Alyssa Wascom and Martha Lockhart.

Provided photo

Carnival Time was the theme for the 2018 Livingston Parish 4-H Fashion Revue held recently at South Fork Elementary in Walker.

4-H members from across the parish participated. The contestants were required to sew a garment and turn it in before the contest to be judged on construction. The contestants then participated in the appearance judging where they modeled their garments in a Fashion Show. Thirty 4-H members participated in 12 divisions.

Junior Clothing Winners

Apron Division: First place, Claire Wilber, Lewis Vincent Elementary; second place, Hailey Ramos, South Fork Elementary; third place, Isabella Bonneval, Doyle Elementary; honorable mention, Katie Harper, French Settlement Elementary; and honorable mention, Taylor Coates, French Settlement Elementary

Skirt Division: First place, Lily Vetter, Levi Milton Elementary, and second place, Alyssa McLin, Doyle Elementary

Skort Division: First place, Kindal Coates, French Settlement Elementary

Dress Division: First place, Abby Schwartz, Southside Junior High; second place, Cordelia Carlin, Livingston Parish Homeschool; third place, Madelyn Baughman, Livingston Parish home-schooled

Sportswear Division: First place, Cameron Thames, North Corbin Junior High

Skirt and Blouse Division: First place, Alyssa Wascom, Live Oak Junior High

Just for Fun Division Winners: First place, Gwendolyn Barbery, South Fork Elementary; second place, Lily Vetter, Levi Milton Elementary; third place, Autumn Herring, Holden Junior/Senior High

Senior Clothing Winners

Creative Choice Division: First place, Skylar Brandon, Springfield High.

Special Occasion Division: First place, Martha Lockhart, Livingston Parish home-schooled.

Casual Division: First place, Cassidy Charpentier, Doyle Junior/Senior High.

Ready-to-Wear: First place, Skylar Brandon, Springfield High; and second place, Cassidy Charpentier, Doyle Junior/Senior High.

Just for Fun Division Winner: First place, Cassidy Charpentier, Doyle Junior/Senior High.

Sew with Cotton Contest Winners

Junior Winner: Taylor Coates, French Settlement Elementary.

Senior Winner: Cassidy Charpentier, Doyle Junior/Senior High.