LIVINGSTON — Superintendent Rick Wentzel on Thursday night announced the district’s plan to add instructional time to the 2018 spring academic calendar to reclaim time recently missed by students because of hazardous weather conditions.

Wentzel said the district will hold two full days, rather than previously scheduled half days, on Feb. 21 and March 22. Also, students must attend a final day of school being added to the end of the school year, on May 25, which was originally a teacher-only day.

The school system has had to close for 5½ days so far this school year because of weather conditions, according to a news release. Two days were missed last fall — one to hurricane-like weather conditions and another to snow. Three and a half days were missed in January due to freezing and icing conditions.

Wentzel said the changes will enable all schools to comply with the state Department of Education’s requirements for instructional time.