CrossFit BR team member Kristen Reeves donned a T-Rex costume Saturday for the ninth annual Plane Pull for The Arc of Baton Rouge.

Other members of her CrossFit BR team wore superhero costumes as they pulled a Fed Ex Boeing 757 at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport.

Twenty-four teams took part in this year's event.

The plane pull was part of a festival that included music, food, children's games and crafts, a climbing wall, and motorcycle and classic car show.

The event is a fundraiser for The Arc of Baton Rouge, a nonprofit founded in 1954 with a mission to improve the quality of life for children and adults with intellectual and development disabilities and their families through advocacy, services and support.

One hundred percent of proceeds go to help fund Early Intervention services for infants and toddlers 0–3 years old diagnosed with disabilities and developmental delays, such as autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other similar conditions, organizers said.

The Arc BR Children’s Services staff brings these supports and services to the natural environment of the child — home or child care center. Therapists, special instructors and social workers work as a team to “coach” the parents and child care workers on techniques to help the child achieve his or her specific developmental goals.

Proceeds fund therapy and special instruction for children in an eight parish area, said executive director Barry A. Meyer.

“It’s been a really tough year, and I know that many of The Arc BR staff and the people they serve have suffered," said. Mary Durusau-Erwin, longtime board member of The Arc Baton Rouge. "Saturday was a celebration of the spirit of the people of The Arc.”

Meyer said he was grateful for the agencies' loyal teams and sponsors who came out to show their support for people with all types of disabilities.

He said the 2016 event "was truly a 'plane pull together' event."

For the pull, teams of 25 lined up in front of the Boeing 757 to pull the airplane, which weighs about 189,000 pounds, as far as they could.

ITI Technical College's Team 2 — the college had four teams — won the competition, pulling the plane 12 feet in 6.45 seconds.

ITI Team 4 was second in 6.47 seconds, and Sparkhound Foundation's team was third, in 6.68 seconds.

Awards were also given for the fastest full time, slowest pull time and most spirited team. 

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