Runnels 100th Day of Kindergarten 2018.jpg

Runnels kindergartners Amelia Wright, Anderson Smith and Reyhan Patel, from left, view some of the collections of 100 items on display in the Drama Room to mark the 100th day of school.


The number 100 popped up throughout the day for kindergartners at The Runnels School on Jan. 30, the 100th day of school.

Every student brought a creative display of 100 items to school to celebrate the special day. Among the collections, which were displayed for all elementary students to view, were 100 crayons in the shape of a rainbow, 100 puff balls in the shape of a teddy bear and a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle.

The kindergartners also spent time in the school drama room, where they counted to 100 by ones and fives and popped 100 balloons. There also was a story about the 100th day of school and a treat of frosted cupcakes set up in the shape of the number 100.