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'My Day at Giverney' by area artist Keith Morris will be on display March 23-25 at the 53rd Jackson Assembly Antiques and Art Show.

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The 53rd Jackson Assembly Antiques and Art Show is March 23-25.

In addition to returning artists and craftsman, the show will have at least four new fine artists and more crafts than in the past. The show continues to grow in fine arts and is working to expand the variety of craft participants to provide a wider variety of creative products, a news release said.

Fine artists from Jackson's Charter Street Studio in Jackson will include Alice Kent, Donna Kilbourne, Frances Durham, Linda Broderick, Olivia Pass and Carolyn Thornton.

Returning fine artists from outside the studio include Martha Singer, of St. Francisville, and Keith Morris, of Baton Rouge. Also returning are Cleo D. Scott, A.B Crochet and Kent Follette.

New fine artists include Karen Snyder, Nanci Charpentier and Jovann Armstrong, of Baton Rouge; and Kathy Daigle, of Gonzales.

Also jewelry artists Catherine Rouchon and Tim O’Bryan will be returning with graphic artist Stan Routh. Returning from Mississippi with unique baskets and bowls are Wayne and Sandra Maltese.

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