Carloyn “Sue” Dillion Hilliard doesn’t really have a keen interest in origami, but she does like making people smile. That, more than anything, is why she began making and handing out dollar bills folded to look like shirts.

The shape itself is just a novelty, Hilliard said. It doesn’t have any special or symbolic meaning. It’s not good luck, and as far as she knows, there’s no story behind the creation of the shape.

It’s just fun.

“Kids just love it,” Hilliard said. “I mean, look at it. How can you avoid smiling when you see that?”

She makes a point to hand them out whenever she sees someone who looks like they could use a little cheering up, she said, whether that’s in line at the grocery store or at one of her many volunteering jobs.

Hilliard has been volunteering for many years, she said, mainly with her church, Jefferson Baptist Church, and at Whealdon Estates Retirement Community on Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge, where she serves as a fill-in hairdresser and creates social programs for the residents.

On Monday, she’ll be teaching a workshop at Whealdon Estates, showing participants how to create the dollar bill shirts, she said, anyone who would like to learn can spread smiles like she does.

For a 12-step explanation on how to fold the bills into shirts, visit Dollar-Bill-Shirt.