Video games sprung into creation in the hands of Episcopal Lower School students during a recent visit from Bloxels representatives.

Josh Stevens and Richard Nava visited the school to demonstrate their company’s Bloxels Gameboard and app, which provides a simple process for creating a video game.

The app encourages students to tell a story through a video game, said Stevens, co-founder of Bloxels parent company Pixel Press.

Students began the video game creation process by drawing an image of a hero, villain or background scenery. The drawing then was replicated with color-coded blocks on a grid. Students used the Bloxels iPad app to snap a photo of the grid image and the app brought it to life. The process had third-, fourth- and fifth-graders playing their own games in less than two hours.

Episcopal Lower School head Bridget Henderson observed that the app is more than simple fun for students. “These skills and strategies can be applied in other disciplines, allowing students to re-create problems from literature or to solve real-world problems during project work,” she said.

The students who learned to use the app will train other students and teachers will be able to incorporate the technology into a variety of lessons.