Runnels High School senior Sam Day, the reigning state powerlifting champion, won gold in the super heavy weight class at the East Regional Powerlifting Meet held Feb. 24 at Woodlawn High School. He also was named the competition’s Best Lifter.

Other medal winners for Runnels were junior Aaron Taliaferro with third in the 165-pound weight class, sophomore Julia Sager with second in the 123-pound weight class and Lady Raider Ryan Roper with third in the 97-pound weight class.

For the boys, Justin Taliaferro finished fourth in the 188-pound weight class, senior Justin Reeves tied for sixth in the 275-pound weight class and junior Seth Chiasson finished in the top 10 in the 148-pound weight class. New personal records in several lifts were posted by juniors Steven Spivak and Ian Lansing, freshman Caleb Reid and seventh-grader Eli Latiolais.

Every member of the girls team finished in the top 10. Junior Micah Roper placed fourth in the 105-pound weight class, seventh-grader Meredith Taliaferro ranked fourth in the 114-pound weight class, senior Natalie Justus placed fifth in the 123-pound weight class, senior Ashley Stansbury ranked fifth in the 132-pound weight class, senior Catherine Henning placed fifth in the 148-pound weight class, and freshman Emma Schlotterer ranked sixth in the 114-pound weight class.

Lifters qualifying for the state meet on March 15 in Alexandra are Catherine Henning, Natalie Justus, Ryan Roper, Micah Roper, Meredith Taliaferro, Julia Sager, Emma Schlotterer, Ashley Stansbury, Sam Day, Seth Chiasson, Justin Reeves, Caleb Reid, Aaron Taliaferro and Justin Taliaferro.

The Runnels team is led by head coach Mitch Reeves and assistant coach Tom Babcock, along with Greg Taliaferro and Michael Day.