Sacred Heart of Jesus School held its annual Art Show and Choir Concert on March 22.

The choir, comprised of fifth- through eighth-grade students, performed a number of selections, including “Everyday God” and “Somebody’s Knockin’ at Your Door,” under the direction of choir director Melissa Seidule, a news release from the school said.

Students also performed duets, vocal solos, piano solos and a fiddle solo.

Art displays featured the work of all students, prekindergarten through eighth grade, created under the direction of art teacher Dorothy Calandro.

Seventh- and eighth-grade students created robots inspired by artist and illustrator Eric Joyner.

Prekindergarten through second-grade students created fall foliage pieces after learning about warm and cool colors.

The school celebrated its 85th anniversary in the fall of 2014, which inspired the drawings of the main school building by third- and fourth-graders.

The work reflected their lesson on one point perspective.

George Rodrique’s “Blue Dog” was the inspiration for fifth- through eighth-grade students to create clay water and food bowls for their pets.