St. Michael High School officials are celebrating the success of the school’s 1-year-old 1:1 Technology Initiative.

In July, 2013, the school launched the initiative with the goal to “utilize the abundant technology resources while training and educating the students and teachers on how to maximize their potential,” a news release from the school said.

Each student was issued a computer and training on Moodle, One Drive, One Note and other computer programs.

To help ensure the program’s success, the school launched a help desk managed by two CompTIA A+ and Fujitsu-certified staff members. Throughout the year, student workers on the help desk were trained to repair the computers.

Through the Fujitsu certification program, students are trained to troubleshoot, repair and re-image computers, and assist other students with their technology questions and concerns. Junior Anthony Cousins was the first student to gain the certification.

School leaders said the increased use of technology has aided in preparing students for college and a career.

Students agree that the program has been a success.

Senior Cody Pate said the program has prepared him “for life in a world that is steadily becoming more dependent on technology.”

Hannah Kleinpeter, a junior, said having laptops in the classroom has improved her organizational skills and grades.

“The laptops have helped me to become more organized than ever and have kept me motivated,” Kleinpeter said. “My GPA has gone up tremendously this year, which I attribute partially to the laptops.”

The school’s faculty also noticed a difference. Student achievement in the classroom, college preparation and the number of scholarship funds given to graduating seniors have increased. Out of 183 graduating seniors, more than 150 scholarships were awarded this year, the release said.

Algebra II teacher Roxy Tate said the program has provided her students with several advantages.

“Being a part of the 1:1 Technology Initiative this year has been an amazing experience as a teacher,” Tate said. “Being able to post assignments on Moodle and to communicate with students via email has streamlined my whole process.”

Principal Ellen Lee said she’s seen gains in academic achievement as a result of the program.

“Student achievement in the classroom, college readiness skills, and student participation and engagement levels have all increased as a result of the implementation of the 1:1 Technology Initiative,” Lee said.