Episcopal School students recognized for high test marks _lowres

Photo provided by Dianne Madden -- Episcopal School’s Duke TIP state high scorers and grand winners include, front from left, Robert Xing, Luke Cretin, Elaine Gboloo, Saad Ali, Abhay Basireddy, Ellie Sim, Madison Bell, Griffin Kissam, Adam Azmeh, Arohi Gopal, Lucy Silverman and Charlie Roth; and back, Gregory Field, Matthew Bickham, Christian Haynes, Peter Kelly, Christian Sample, Bethany Reid, Oliver Jack, Jylliann Huff, Parker Sanchez, Jilly Grace Eskew, Alex Nelson and Katherine Scarton.

Seventh-graders from Episcopal School recently were recognized as state high scorers in the Duke University Talent Identification Program.

The program honors academically talented seventh-graders for exceptional ACT or SAT scores.

Those recognized were Saad Ali, Adam Azmeh, Abhay Basireddy, Madison Bell, Matthew Bickham, Luke Cretin, Jilly Grace Eskew, Gregory Field, Elaine Gboloo, Arohi Gopal, Christian Haynes, Jylliann Huff, Oliver Jack, Peter Kelly, Griffin Kissam, Alex Nelson, Bethany Reid, Charlie Roth, Christian Sample, Parker Sanchez, Katherine Scarton, Lucy Silverman, Ellie Sim and Robert Xing.

Basireddy, Bickham, Field, Gboloo, Reid and Silverman were grand winners, earning scores equal to or better than 90 percent of college-bound seniors who took the ACT or SAT.