Lessons in healthy eating and the importance of exercise were sprinkled into a ballet Friday performed by the Ballet for Children.

Kindergarten through third-grade students at Mayfair Lab School listened intently as the dancers performed “Journey to the Emerald City: Healthy Swaps and Healthy Stops.”

The performance was made possible through a partnership with Capital Area Medical Society Alliance, a nonprofit group of physicians and the spouses of physicians.

Melinda Billings, a technology and special needs teacher, said the ballet emphasized lessons students learned earlier in the year in physical education class.

The school, in its first year as a partnership with University Lab School, has 167 students, with each class having two teachers.

The Ballet for Children, part of the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre, dancers took the children on a journey from Louisiana to the Emerald City, and along they way the performers talked about making healthy eating choices.

The students met a lion who was afraid of food that started with the letter ‘B,” such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and bananas. The lion tasted some of the fruits and vegetables and changed his mind.

Natalie Cooper, a parent volunteer at Mayfair, said she was thrilled that the children had a chance to see a professional dancers perform a dance with a message.

Wren Eagleton, the outgoing president of CAMSA, said she was able to secure a $500 grant from the Louisiana Medical Society Alliance to fund the performance.

At the end of the production, some of the students were called to the stage to learn a short dance routine.

Billings said the performance is an example of the school’s mission to “have well-rounded children ... that are exposed to music, dance and interactive learning.”