Students portray objects in first Space Pageant _lowres

Photo provided by Kathrin McGregor -- Taking part in Shenandoah Elementary School's first Space Pageant on Friday, first row from left, are Brock Toney, Joash Cabigting, Gage Harper, Mason Rabalais, Matthew Sant, Hudson Tucker, Wynter Quiles, Addy O’Bannon, Antoinette Idong, Jalyn Wright and Andon Brabham; second row, James Kuterbach, Troy Boatner, Regan Gilbert and Jolie Bermes; third row, Will Milton, John Kelly, Matthew Dottery, Noah Hahm, Dominic Johnson, Kevin Henderson, Breanna Espinoza, Linda Kasem and Kathrin McGregor.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope, fifth-graders at Shenandoah Elementary School participated Friday in the school’s first Space Pageant.

Seventy-five students dressed as self-selected celestial bodies and entered as contestants in the pageant.

Contestants researched their celestial bodies and created costumes for the event.

During the event, the contestants displayed their celestial bodies and answered interview questions for the judges and audience.

James Kuterbach, who took on the part of “Father Time,” and Kathrin Mundinger McGregor, who portrayed “Mother Earth,” said they created the pageant to increase student awareness of the vast universe.

The teachers said they hope to hold the pageant again.