Woman’s Hospital has announced its sponsorship of the Knock Knock Children’s Museum’s Quiet Cabin, which will offer a space for parents and children needing downtime and privacy for breast-feeding mothers.

The quiet spot gives caregivers a safe and distraction-free environment for calming a child who might need a break from the stimulation of the museum, a news release said. Selected resource materials related to parenting and child development also will be available in the Quiet Cabin.

“The Quiet Cabin is a unique and wonderful extension of Woman’s mission to improve the health of women and infants. We believe it’s important to support breast-feeding mothers after they leave the hospital, and the Knock Knock Children’s Museum’s Quiet Cabin will provide mothers and babies with a relaxing environment to encourage and embrace breast-feeding,” said Teri Fontenot, president and CEO of Woman’s Hospital.

“The partnership between Knock Knock and Woman’s Hospital is such a natural one given the museum’s position as an educational destination for families with young children and the hospital’s focus on the health of women and their babies,” Knock Knock Chair Elect Aza Bowlin said.

Knock Knock Children’s Museum is under construction in BREC’s City-Brooks Community Park on Dalrymple Drive.

For more information, visit knockknockmuseum.org.