Whole Foods Market’s Kori Godchaux circled the tables in the Corporate Drive store’s community meeting room Monday passing out cupcakes, rolled ice cream cones, and what looked like solid, flat figure eights made of chilled chocolate.

These three items, with the addition of buttercream frosting in a variety of colors, were the foundations of the day’s cupcake project — an edible stiletto shoe.

“It’s for Women’s Week, after all,” Godchaux said. “I thought a shoe would be appropriate.”

The cupcake served as the toe of the “shoe,” while the flat figure eight, attached to the cupcake on one end and the rolled cone on the other, formed the body and the pointed heel.

“The frosting will be the glue,” Godchaux instructed, moving from table to table troubleshooting and answering questions.

Once the shoes were in their bare form, Godchaux filled and passed around colored bags of icing to fill in and decorate their edible shoes.

“Can someone pass the pink?” one workshop participant said, pausing her intense concentration on the task at hand to reach for an icing bag.

It was a bit of a struggle for those workshop participants who had never held an icing bag before, but Godchaux encouraged everyone to practice on the paper mats under their work stations before moving on to the most delicate part of their decorations — writing their initials or creating buttercream flowers.

Fran Bell, who attended the workshop to learn how to make cool cupcakes for her 2-year-old granddaughter, Marlee, watched carefully as Godchaux demonstrated the proper way to hold the icing bag’s tip to get the best control.

“It gets messy fast,” said Laura Olsen, who caught on fast, but took several trips to the sink with frosting-covered fingers.

When participants had used up all the dark purple frosting in one bag, Godchaux pried it open and dumped a glob of white frosting in the center.

The result, she demonstrated, was a frosting swirl, which was then used to decorate more cupcakes. “This is the easiest way by far to get a swirl of color out of your bag — just wait until it’s nearly empty,” she said.

It was just one of many tips the women learned at the workshop, and just one of several workshops being conducted across the Baton Rouge Metro area as part of Women’s Week, said Dani Bayhan, who serves as secretary for the Women’s Council and was the ambassador for the cupcake workshop.

“We wanted to give women the opportunity to try some things they might not otherwise try,” Bayhan said. For some women, baking or decorating may be a challenge, and for others, financing a small business, organizing their computer files or going to an exercise class they’ve never tried before may be as challenging.

“And many of these classes are free, or very low cost,” she said.

About 150 workshops, classes and seminars have either been conducted or are still on the calendar. For all those interested in attending a workshop, pick up a guide book at any East Baton Rouge Parish Library branch, or at any branch of the YMCA of the Capital Area. The booklet with all activities listed is also available online.

Activities continue through Sunday, and include several classes in Southside, like:


Financial Planning for Children and Adults with Special Needs: 11 a.m., The Oaks Office Park, 4605 Bluebonnet Blvd.

Entrepreneurs and the Affordable Care Act: 1 p.m. at the Bluebonnet Library

DecoGreat Your Space: 10 a.m., Bocage Racquet Club, 7600 Jefferson Highway


Girls at the Grill: 11 a.m., Whole Foods Market, 7529 Corporate Blvd.

All classes listed in the booklet will have information on registration. Some events are free, though some require a registration fee. Call and register for each class to make sure room and materials are available.