Runnels School senior Grey Carruth spent the weekend of April 10 volunteering with a team of artists creating a mural on the exterior of the abandoned Bonfanti Marine warehouse in Baton Rouge.

The project was part of the Baton Rouge Walls Project, launched in 2012, which takes a collaborative approach to urban beautification, bringing together artists, local businesses, and community volunteers to turn the facades of derelict buildings into large-scale public art, a news release from Runnsels School said.

Carruth said the mural was a group effort. Three professional artists, Raina Wirta, Alexis Stephenson and Charles Barbier, designed the mural on one of the long sides of the building.

“They were the head artists,” he said. “They did the background and the sky.”

The foreground of the mural was mainly done by 60 volunteers, ranging from 9 to 18 years old, who came from a local church youth group.

“The kids were from the Star Hill Church Youth and Blight Clean-up Team,” Carruth said. “On the mural, they did silhouettes of their friends and filled them in with anything they wanted, like sports stuff or flowers. “I was there as an artist,” he added, “to help teach them how to do it.”

Also on hand from Runnels to help with the painting were senior Sean Ji and sophomore Michael Connelly.

Carruth, who will study industrial design at the University of Arizona in the fall, said he designed and painted, mostly with acrylic spray paint, a brightly colored mural on the side of the Bonfanti Marine building.

“It says ‘Mid-City Baton Rouge’ in primary colors,” he added.