The Gardere Initiative held its second of a yearlong series of two-day camps for children living in the Gardere area on Dec. 22-23 at Faith Chapel Church of God on Staring Lane.

Murelle Harrison, with the initiative, said the camp was open to students from kindergarten to high school, and was meant to give area children something interesting to do in a safe environment.

The initiative already runs a summer camp for students while school is out, Harrison said. The holiday camps fill in the gaps during other shorter school breaks, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays.

The pre-Christmas camp included outdoor team building exercises, games, speakers and other fun activities for all ages, Harrison said.

Heavy rains on Dec. 23 led to Plan B for the afternoon, which included board games for older students and puzzles for younger students.

The camp was sponsored by the South Burbank Crime Prevention District and supported by volunteers from Gardere Initiative partners, including Faith Chapel and parents whose children participated in the program.