Shenandoah Elementary School students studied dry ice, reflexes, stain removers, plants, solar energy and other science-related topics in preparation for the school’s Team Infinity Science Fair.

The fair was held Dec. 11-12 and featured projects from 45 students, who created scientific investigation displays after weeks of brainstorming and designing testable experiments they were passionate about, teacher Kathrin McGregor said in a news release.

Most students mastered the idea and produced innovative projects, McGregor said in the release.

Students enjoyed meeting with the appraisers or judges who exchanged ideas about scientific thinking, the release said.

Community leaders in microbiology, architecture, political science, engineering, chemistry and administration were invited to judge or appraise the projects, the release said.

Students also voted for their favorite projects and prizes were given for first, second and third place, creativity and innovation.

The winners of the 2014-2015 Team Infinity Science Fair were:

Fourth grade

Most Creative: Mallory Lindberg, Spark-Tastic

Student Choice: Elijah Miller, Video Game Reflexes

third place: Benjamin Taylor, Does Dog Drool Kill Germs?

second place: Kayla Brassard, Stain Removers

first place: George Chennalt, Solar Cell Energy.

Fifth grade

Most Creative: Brock Toney, Dry Ice Versus Regular Ice

Student Choice: Nicholas Bennett, Arctic Blast

third place: Andon Brabham, Plants Are Jammin’

second place: Joshua Bellan, Incandescent versus Fluorescent

first place: Robert Gruse, Water Rockets & Beyond.