Runnels alumnus and powerlifter Christopher Alexander took first place in his weight class at the United States of America Powerlifting Raw National Championship meet held earlier this summer in Aurora, Colorado, school officials said.

It was the largest raw powerlifting meet in the country, a news release from the school said.

“Since this was a raw meet, we were not able to use any type of equipment that may help performance, besides a lifting belt,” Alexander said.

“I competed in the 59-kilogram (130-pound) weight class and the junior division (20 to 23 years old), in which I placed first with a total of 367.5 kg (810 pounds).”

Alexander, a student at Southeastern University, attended the meet with six other lifters from Louisiana.

“We formed a team and called ourselves the Louisiana Legends,” after LSU powerlifter Garrett Bottesy Bailey’s former group, Alexander said.

“Together as a team, we placed second in the men’s combined division. It was a really awesome experience, and I’m proud of my team for what we accomplished for the state,” he added.

Alexander, an assistant cross-country coach at Runnels, said he thanks Runnels powerlifting coach Lonnie Leger for introducing him to the sport in high school.