Mary Kay Independent National Sales Director LaRonda Daigle drove away from Gerry Lane Cadillac in a pink Cadillac Escalade on March 3, the fruits of her success in the organization.

This achievement marks Daigle’s 12th car earned from her sales numbers for the company and her 11th pink Cadillac.

Mary Kay independent sales force members earn the use of a pink Cadillac by meeting and exceeding goals set within their Mary Kay businesses.

When Daigle went to her first Mary Kay party with her aunt in 1993, she thought she’d be the last person to jump on the Mary Kay bandwagon, she said.

But when she started in the business, she said, she began to see the culture as less about sales and more about empowering women, both with products that make them feel beautiful and with financial independence through sales of those products.

Daigle became an independent beauty consultant in 1993 and, as a direct result of her accomplishments, became sales director in 1994 and a national sales director in 2014. As an independent national sales director, Daigle provides education, leadership and motivation to other Mary Kay independent beauty consultants.

Daigle is proud of her business record, she said, and looks forward to new challenges and opportunities with the company.

Since the Career Car Program’s inception in 1969, more than 150,000 independent sales force members have qualified or requalified to earn the use of a Mary Kay career car.

Nearly 6,000 Mary Kay career cars are on the road nationwide, with more than 1,300 of those being the Mary Kay pink Cadillac.