Part of Mayfair Lab School will become a construction site this summer as workers replace a breezeway that collapsed in November and the bad roof over one of the buildings.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board greenlighted the repairs at its May 1 meeting, and the repairs are estimated to cost $380,000.

The bids are scheduled to be opened on June 3, with construction scheduled to begin by the end of June and completed in time for the start of the 2014-15 school year in August.

Mayfair Lab, 9880 Hyacinth Ave., is a new magnet school formed last summer that is modeled on and overseen by the better-known LSU Lab School.

The school has about 160 students in kindergarten through third grade but is expanding a grade a year until it tops out in eighth grade.

Principal Christa Bordelon Leon said a stiff wind in November took down the breezeway attached to an unused building known as “building three.”

Aramark, the private company that oversees school maintenance, later determined that roof over that building was damaged and needed replacing.

Leon said that in 2015, the school plans to use building three for the lower grades.