ST. FRANCISVILLE — Mayor Billy D’Aquilla updated the Board of Aldermen at its Nov. 27 meeting about a purchase order he signed that could save the town significant money and could provide more efficient operation of its water well system.

The board approved the contract of Automation Service & Controls Inc. for the town to pay an initial installation fee of $8,500 and then a monthly fee of $600 for the system that will operate and maintain all four wells managed by the town. Currently the town pays $1,800 per month for the existing setup.

The new system will monitor three wells automatically and another backup well, and will replace the current phone activation system that is plagued by reliability issues because of phone line problems.

“The current setup doesn’t work properly, and this new system is reliable and will save us a lot of money in the long run,” the mayor said.

D’Aquilla said the new system is more reliable, includes all maintenance and will pay for itself in about eight months. After that, the savings for the town will be $1,200 per month.

In a memo to the board, consulting engineer Bianca Hillhouse also said she anticipates receiving three bids from three different companies for work on the new 2-inch replacement gas line that runs along La. 66. She said the deadline to receive the bids is Dec. 12.

The board authorized the town to advertise for bids for the purchase of camera technology for its police department vehicles and officers.

During the mayor’s report, Town Clerk Shannon Sturgeon said she is looking into a system that will allow people who receive tickets through the town to pay for them online.