ST. FRANCISVILLE — With new restaurants and a day care center in the pipeline and the coming completion of the Burnett Road Bridge and Prosperity Street water well, Mayor Billy D’Aquilla on Tuesday sounded a note of optimism.

“We have a lot of positive things going on in our little town,” D’Aquilla said at the Board of Aldermen meeting.

D’Aquilla said the Burger King at the corner of U.S. 61 and La. 10 is scheduled to open as soon as this weekend. Another restaurant and a day care are also moving forward, and Al Aqaba restaurant is on schedule with its expansion.

As for the Burnett Road Bridge replacement, officials agreed Tuesday that a short punch list is all that is needed before the book can be closed on the project.

The aldermen approved a change order for an additional $10,780 for eight reflector signs called delineators to be placed on either side of the road. Some minor erosion control measures are also needed.

Consulting engineer Bianca Hillhouse of Professional Engineering Consultants said a substantial completion certificate has been sent to the contractors for a signature. Once returned, the project will be effectively completed.

Mayor D’Aquilla said he would like to see Burnett Road eventually resurfaced from Commerce Street to U.S. 61. He said there’s money left over in the bridge replacement budget for the road to also be painted. In addition, there are some streetlights that need new bulbs along the route, and he’s going to request DEMCO help with that effort.

“That road will be really fixed up, and it will be a nice reflection on our town,” said D’Aquilla.

Another project, the water well on Prosperity Street, still needs a valve to be replaced. Hillhouse said it has been ordered and is scheduled for an Oct. 23 installation.