The late artist George Rodrigue will always be remembered for his wide-eyed Blue Dog paintings, but before the blue dog, Rodrigue became known for various depictions of Cajun culture. One of those paintings is the 1971 “Aioli Dinner.”

The painting is the inspiration for the Aioli Dinner Supper Club, a project of the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts. An enthusiastic crowd of 145 people gathered at Hemingbough on Nov. 15 to enjoy food and drink, celebrate the work of the famous artist and help raise money for the Rodrigue Foundation.

The dinner included a four-course, wine-pairing dinner catered by Heirloom Cuisine, and those attending were encouraged to dress in black and white.

The Aioli Dinners are modeled after the theme and style of the “Aioli Dinner” painting. The nearly $60,000 raised will be used to support Louisiana A+ Schools, an arts-based curriculum created by the foundation that’s in place at 18 schools around Louisiana, including Bains Lower Elementary. The attendance and money raised were both records for the Rodrigue Foundation.