ST. FRANCISVILLE — The Board of Aldermen at its Nov. 14 meeting agreed to waive a $30,000 fine for completing work on the Prosperity Street well with Griner Drilling Company in exchange for an extra year of warranty for the well’s pump motor.

Griner submitted a low bid of $637,500 for the new well, which replaces an existing well that is no longer usable.

Griner finished the well project 30 days past its scheduled September completion date, and according to its contract with the town, was subject to a $1,000-per-day fine. However, consulting engineer Bianca Hillhouse told the board Griner officials agreed that in exchange for waiving the fine, the company would warranty the pump motor for an additional year past the one-year warranty.

“We’ll need them again in the future and they do a good job for us, so I think this is a fair solution,” Mayor Billy D’Aquilla said.

The board agreed. The board also agreed to pay for a new system that activates the well automatically because the current phone activation system is plagued by problems.

Hillhouse told the board a new valve for the well had been installed, and the well works fine manually. But because of the undependable phone line, it doesn’t switch on sometimes and the well only works if it's activated manually.

The town pays $1,800 per month for the existing system, and D’Aquilla said phone line problems continually keep it from working properly. The board agreed to a new system that requires an initial fee of $6,000 for the town’s four wells and a monthly fee of $500 per month. The fee covers all maintenance to the new system as well.

“This sounds like a no-brainer to me,” Alderman Susie Tully said. “We’re going to pay $15,000 a year and not have to worry about maintaining it or the phone line. I think we need to move forward with this. ”

The board voted unanimously to switch to the new system.

The board agreed to defer action on purchasing camera technology for its police department vehicles and officers until specifications can be written and the equipment put out for public bid.