From left, sitting Brooklynn Triche, Makendly Anselmi, Carter Adams, Asia Harris and De'Caryous Dixon; kneeling, Miles Lavespere, Judan Lowery, Ashton Selders, Brayden Gremillion, Easton Blanchard, Harmony Burgos and Opal Booker; standing, third row, Kaylee Stogner, Gannon Ford, Daisy McRaney, Mills Hanchey, Henry Gaddy, Cain Cooper, Drew LaBorde, Danielle Stogner, Mary Reames, Jennifer Ramsey; and back row, Sarah Rachal, Terri'Annah Franklin, John Hazlip, Khameron Massey and Terry Straughter.

Provided photo

This week's Spotlight Classroom features Sarah Rachal's kindergarten class at Bains Lower Elementary School in St. Francisville. The students were asked:

If you could eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

ASHTON SELDERS: Grits and eggs because breakfast food is my favorite.

DANIELLE STOGNER: Pizza because I love pizza.

MAKENDLY ANSELMI: Noodles because it tastes good.

GANNON FORD: Salad because it is healthy.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Carrots because it is healthy for you.

KAYLEE STOGNER: Noodles because they are shaped like worms.

ASIA HARRIS: Strawberries because it's my favorite food.

BRAYDEN GREMILLION: Broccoli and carrots because it makes your body feel healthy.

MILLS HANCHEY: Strawberries because they are juicy.

TERR'ANNAH FRANKLIN: Apples because they are so good.

KHAMERON MASSEY: Vegetables because they are good for you.

MILES LAVESPERE: Meat because it gives you muscles.

OPAL BOOKER: Pizza because you can order it on the phone. It's easy.

DAISY MCRANEY: Spaghetti because it's my favorite.

HENRY GADDY: Carrots because it has vitamin C and that helps your body get strong.

CAIN COOPER: Sandwiches because my mama fixes it for me everyday.

DE'CARYOUS DIXON: Spaghetti and meatballs because it's so good and hot.

BROOKLYN TRICHE: Strawberries because I am growing them at my house.

DREW LABORDE: Vanilla ice cream because it is so good.

JUDAH LOWERY: Strawberries because I like them a lot.

HARMONY BURGOS: Spaghetti because it makes you healthy.

CARTER ADAMS: Pizza because I love pepperoni pizza.

JOHN HAZLIP: Chocolate Bar because it is good.

EASTON BLANCHARD: Eggs because they have protein.