ST. FRANCISVILLE — Judge William Carmichael, of the 20th Judicial District, after a brief hearing March 5, denied the town's request for a preliminary injunction in the dispute over the West Feliciana Parish government's replacement of windows on the 115-year-old courthouse in the town's historic district.

On March 6, the town's Board of Aldermen voted to continue legal action because the parish did not consult with the town's Historic District Commission or obtain a building permit.

The building's wood-framed windows were being replaced with metal-framed replacements. The board and the lawsuit say the metal replacement windows are a major deviation from the historical integrity of the structure, which a marker outside the building says was built in 1903. A National Park Service description of the town says the courthouse, which the park service says was built in 1905, is a contributing factor on the National Historic Trust's designation of a historic district in the old part of town.

West Feliciana Parish President Kevin Couhig said the new windows look the same as the old when the building is viewed from the street.