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Jasper Knighten

Tipping points are quite the occasion when experienced in anyone’s life. Tipping points signal a crossroad has been reached. Fear and indecision are natural when reaching these crossroads, but they should not be.

We should program our minds and hearts to experience these crossroads. Just as sure as we breathe God’s precious air and behold the beauty of this wonderful, expansive Earth, we will reach tipping points time and time again.

Tipping points happen in all areas of our lives, including relationships, career, health or finances. No matter the source , we should be prepared and understand experiencing this state of confusion These crossroads are what we should live for. Facing a major decision in life is indicative that the next level is waiting to be mastered.

However, for most of us, we see reaching a tipping point as a doomsday scenario. We view the opportunity as a pitfall. Life is nothing more than a choice. No matter the avenue life may force you to travel, the same rules apply — think positive and make the right choice.

I have found from experiences, I tend to avoid making a decision when I reach a tipping point in life. But passive-aggressive behavior is the wrong path to take. It amounts to frustration and regret. Life is ours to take hold of.

This life we have is like a canvas. Our decision-making is the brush that strokes the canvas, creating the masterpiece. We cannot be afraid to make decisions. The one thing we must realize is that nothing will work itself out. I know that seems to be the easy way out, but we must learn that the easy way out in life is not the best way. Take ownership of the most important decisions and steer your life in the direction you desire to see it go.

Life is a beautiful gift, and every day presents another opportunity to unwrap it even more. As time passes, we should become more excited about the life we have been given. Unfortunately, we have been lulled into becoming down and out about life because of tipping points and crossroad experiences.

Nothing in life is meant to harm us. It all boils down to perspective. If you are at a crossroads in your life, do not throw in the towel. Do not relinquish your power to steer your life in a particular direction to indecision. Do not become filled with negativity.

Instead, embrace the wonderful opportunity before you. You can and will do it. Relish your crossroads and take on the next level in your life.

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