ST. HELENA Echo’s From the Past:1988 _lowres

The original publication from 1988 reads: 'Chip Roeneke, 14-year-old son of Bob and Polly Roeneke of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is shown riding his 88-year-old grandmother, Mrs. Lena McLin of Pine Grove, on the back of his Honda dirt bike. Lena might be 88 years old, but she is very young at heart. She had fun riding on the dirt bike with her grandson, who came with his parents to visit his grandparents, Lena and Emmet McLin. Bob and Polly spent the past week with Bobby's parents who were honored last Sunday, August 14, 1988, at a family cookout at the McLins' home. It was a belated birthday celebration for Mrs. Lena whose birthday was in August, and a homecoming celebration. Lena's husband, who is 98, enjoyed the cookout, too. With the Boenekes was Chip's friend, Brian Lay of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and one of their great-nieces, Deanna Lucia of Mobile, Alabama, and one of Lena's granddaughters, Angela Lombardo of Greensburg. While visiting his mother, Bobby and his family visited Amite and The News-Digest, looking for the St. Helena Echo. Bobby and his family were happy to be visiting his parents and his old home. Also with Bobby and Polly on the trip was Polly's 82-year-old mother, Rosebud Lucia of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, formerly of Baton Rouge. Rosebud and Lena were close friends fifty years ago. Rosebud and Lena really appreciated being together again even if it was just for one week.'

Each week, we’ll take a look back at photos published in The Echo. The photo for this week is from Aug. 24, 1988.