One St. Helena: You Are Not Entitled _lowres

Jasper Knighten

Does your world consist of you and only you? During the course of the day, how often do you consider others? Are your actions centered only on advancing your day?

If so, now is the time to make a change in your actions. Life is meant to be given in the name of love for the sake of others.

So often we become consumed with our own lives and well-being until we forget about the needs of others. The entire premise of life is centered on reciprocity. In order to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, your agenda must not only consist of meeting your needs but also the needs of others.

I know it may seem counterintuitive to consider others when life seemingly has so many pressing demands. One may ask, how can I possibly consider someone else when I have my own life to tend to? But I have found that, in my short years of living, many of our life goals are often met while tending to the needs of others.

Being selfish produces a lackluster life. Having a selfish mindset produces a frugal life. In order to live an abundant life, one must have a generous vision for helping others. All of life’s greatest people are remembered because their endeavors and visions were centered on the advancement of humanity.

Each of us was created with talents uniquely geared toward making this world far better than we found it. Our aim and goal in life should be to impact and touch someone in a profound and meaningful way each day. We must get rid of the “it is all about me, my family, my best friend John, and nobody else” mentality. This great world in which we live does not center only around our wants and desires but around each of our desires collectively.

Once we grasp that there is so much more to life than tending to our own needs, life will begin to open up for us in ways we never imagined. I know society says love will cause hurt, pain and destruction, but I beg to differ.

Love is what has allowed each of us to experience the beauty of life. Love is what is allowing you to read this article now. Love gives. Love sees the needs and actively tends to the needs of others. I encourage you today, seek a life of generosity. Begin to see the big picture. Life is not about you alone but about everyone around you.

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