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Jasper Knighten

Nothing in life comes easy. There is a process in attaining a goal. Quitters never win, and winners never quit. Keep fighting. Patience is a virtue. These thought-provoking sayings are quite familiar to 90 percent of us.

Wise mentors, loving parents and life coaches have inundated us with these sayings. Their words of wisdom are priceless and timely, no matter the situation. In order to reap the benefits of these wise words, one must submit to the grueling and agonizing price of admission to discipline and focus.

We live in a microwave, immediate-gratification society. Everything is instantaneous. Whatever a person desires is only a click or phone call away. We are slowly allowing ourselves to lose structure and will power.

This instantaneous culture has subconsciously robbed us of our desire to be submissive to the pain of discipline and focus. Discipline and focus are the foundations of success. Unfortunately, today’s fast-paced society has subconsciously taught us that whatever we desire, it can and must happen in the blink of an eye. But the truth of the matter is that the accomplishment of any great goal or feat requires dedication and time. Individually, we must develop what I like to call steel mentalities.

A steel mentality is a mind determined to accomplish a goal no matter the difficulty or length of the process. A steel mentality does not worry about time. A steel mentality relishes in the pain and suffering associated with attaining a goal.

In order to succeed in life, we must have a determined mind. Having a laser-sharp focus is absolutely essential to anyone set on achieving any feat in life. Developing this way of thinking requires extreme commitment. And more importantly, to develop this type of mindset, one must first choose to live on this higher level of submission.

I believe every aspect of life is a choice. Every second of our life is a choice. And those choices are constantly presented to us throughout the day. The choice to be disciplined mentally is a never-ending battle. No one gets here overnight. It is a lifetime commitment to staying mentally fit.

Becoming mentally fit is just like becoming physically fit. Becoming physically fit requires dedication and commitment. It is a never-ending journey. Tweaks must be made constantly in order to keep providing the body with the best possible opportunity to achieve optimal performance. The same dedication, structure and discipline are required for top mental performance.

This journey to mental fitness boils down to how hungry a person is.

It takes guts to train your thoughts. It takes discipline to say no to mediocrity. Each of us can have this essential life tool.

It is time we go back and adopt some of our ancestors’ philosophies. Older generations had the key. They understood the secret.

Let’s get on the bandwagon for a more disciplined, fundamentally sound life. We cannot afford to miss our date with destiny. Trust the path, and watch your life unfold right before your eyes.

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