Jasper Knighten

World-famous burger chain Burger King lures millions of hungry patrons to its char-grilled, aroma-filled restaurants with its trademark slogan, “Have it your way.”

I would like to consider Burger King’s marketing department brilliant.

In ultimately deciding to use such a risky sales pitch, they have catered to the desires of every single individual whose business they aim to have. Burger King’s marketing team understood each person in life deserves and wants to simply have a break from the rigors of life and enjoy the leisure of feeling as if they have some say so in their daily activities.

Quite honestly, life is not as simple as the drive-thru window at Burger King.

We cannot just pull up to a window, dictate how our day will turn out, who we do not want to see or work with, nor say how much money we should get paid for our hard work. Life is just not that simple.

Despite the fact this quick drive-thru life does not exist, all hope is not lost on controlling the ultimate direction of our lives. Whether we realize it or not, each of us has the opportunity in life to have life our way. The type of life a person enjoys depends on the choices he or she makes.

Life is a lot like Burger King. Determining where you go in life, and how high you go, depends on the attitude you decide to have each morning you awake. While matriculating through grade school, teacher after teacher constantly reinforced an old adage: Your attitude determines your altitude. At the time, these words did not quite resonate as much as they do now. In fact, it sounded like a broken record every time a teacher would repeat it. I am thankful to this day for hearing that broken record over and over again.

I am emboldened more than ever to share that broken record. Attitude is everything in life. Each of us is guilty of complaining and being ungrateful of our current circumstance. But if an honest inventory were taken by each of us, all of us would have to admit that we have erred when it comes to our perspectives in life. We have become too soft as a society. We run away when situations get tough. We throw in the towel when we even sense a hint of criticism. We fail to see opportunity in challenges. We expect all of the stars to be aligned in order for big events to finally come to fruition in our lives. Life is just not that simple.

This journey each of us is on is a process that takes a lifetime to unfold. The gift we will find at the end of our lives after unraveling the mysteries of life can and will be perceived as being great or as a disappointment. The view each of us will hold will depend on the decisions we made along the way and the attitude we carried each day. You can have life your way, but remember just because the stars do not align the way you thought they should, does not mean you cannot have your desires fulfilled. Be grateful. Stare challenge and controversy in the eye and do not blink. Have the determination of a lion. Have the heart of a champion. Possess the charisma of a world-class politician. Grab life by the horns and make it what you always dreamed it should be. You can do it. Remember, attitude determines your altitude. So have an out-of-this-world attitude.

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