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Stephanie Warren

Spring is in the air. Literally. From weeds to grass and tree pollen, the warm weather is here, driving airborne allergen levels through the roof. Some allergies are severe and require the attention of a doctor. For milder cases, though, home remedies may provide all the relief you need, with relatively little expense or hassle.

Here are a just few tips for handling spring allergies: Eating honey produced by bees in your area can help relieve allergies. The bees transfer pollen from flower blossoms to honey, so if you eat a little honey every day you should gradually become immune to the irritating effects of pollen.

Anyone who has ever been stuffed-up knows the impressive ability of a steaming hot shower to soothe sinuses and clear nasal passages, if only temporarily.

A quick rinse after spending time outdoors can help remove allergens from your skin and hair, and prevent them from spreading to clothes, furniture, pillowcases and other surfaces where they’re likely to aggravate you.

Rocky Hill Choir anniversary

Rocky Hill African Methodist Episcopal Church, 151 Rocky Hill Road, in Amite will host its first choir anniversary at 6 p.m. April 11 at the church. For information about the event, call (225) 777-4847.

Easter observance

Inspiration Park will host its annual Easter observance at 7 a.m. Easter Sunday, April 5. Returning after many requests will be Lori and the By Faith singers.

There will be free hot coffee, biscuits and sausage.

Although some benches are available, it is requested that you bring a lawn chair. Inspiration Park is located just west of Kentwood on La. 38 and east of Easleyville.

Call (985) 229-8595.

Contact Stephanie Warren by phone at (985) 517-4869 or email