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Jasper Knighten

Are you mentally tough? This is a question I often ask myself. As challenges arise on a daily basis from personal to work, each of us are pushed to a breaking point. We are many times teetering on the brink of a mental breakdown. Our lives are composed of the perfect storm dysfunction at home, turmoil on the job and everything else in between. It may appear at times that our lives are composed of the perfect ingredients for a nervous breakdown. Each of us is tougher than throwing in the towel and bowing to the pressures of life.

Life has its ups and downs. Life has its moments that make you question how you ended up in the predicaments you face. Life makes you question your own abilities.

As naïve adolescents, many of us probably never understood the pressures and stresses we saw many adults face. It was inconceivable for us to even remotely come to terms with the ills of life. As youth, it was commonplace to hear of strokes and heart attacks crippling strong, vibrant adults. Many of the health scares we heard of were more than hereditary, misfortune or bad diet, but stress and life.

Stress and the pressures of life have sucked the life out of a countless number of adults for centuries. Good, hardworking people have succumbed to the pressures of performing in life and meeting expectations. Countless people have battled unchecked emotions and mental instability for years on end. In particular here in America, everyone has developed a macho mentality. Only a small percentage of people actually express their challenges in life and confide in someone to help keep them balanced.

As adults, in order to be mentally tough, we must learn to express ourselves and be sure to keep our emotions balanced.

Mental toughness is not holding disappointment, regret or anger in, but rather learning how to address the issue at the root cause of the feeling. Being mentally tough is a direct result of being emotionally mature. Achieving emotional maturity is not an overnight process. Being strong mentally essentially boils down to being emotionally mature.

In the coming the days and weeks ahead, I challenge you to become mentally tough. Rid yourself of the weak mental habits that have plagued you your entire life. Aim to be strong emotionally. Our world needs more strong, emotionally balanced individuals. Take charge of your life and make a difference.

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