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Jasper Knighten

Your words hold power.

The direction your life is headed in is a direct result of the words you speak every day. Many aspects of our lives are dead and have been dead for some time now.

The fruits we are experiencing in our lives are byproducts of the words we have uttered and the mind sets we have developed over a lifetime. Life is not meant to be passed off as just a day-to-day experience in which events happen and we respond. The events of your life should happen as a result of your command. Life is meant to occur the way you envision it. The key to this type of life is through your choice of words.

We never really consider the weight our words carry. Often times, we have become so accustomed to using certain negative statements in a non-harmful manner. The truth of the matter is those non harmful-statements are actually shaping the life we live. A statements such as, “if there was no bad luck, I would not have any luck at all” is damaging and harmful to the lives we so desperately crave to have. Life is a painting and our words are the brush forming the masterpiece of the life we envision. Remember the old adage, “Thoughts produce words, words produce action.” It all lies in what we say.

In order to change our choice of words and our lives, we must first alter our mindsets and perceptions of life. We must grab hold of the fact this journey of life must be run by faith and faith alone.

Faith is like a husband or wife. It does not and should not be cheated on. When we doubt, we are taking a peek on the other side of the fence and checking out faith’s nemesis, doubt. Doubt is meant to disrupt our marriage to faith and derail the destiny designed lives we were created to have. Doubt is miserable and as a result, doubt wants to destroy the marriage each of us have with faith. As the old saying goes, misery loves company. Doubt has been crippling the marriages of faith and wonderful people such as you and I for centuries. Doubt does not belong and will not have a place in our lives any longer.

We must learn to speak life in every area of our lives. Every crevice, crook and corner of our lives must be occupied by faith.

We must learn to live the lives we envision and were designed to live.

We can have absolutely anything in life we desire. However, it is up to us to come to the realization; we can have the fairy tale life. In fact, we will have the fairy tale life.

Nothing in this life is impossible. Whatever situation or circumstance you may be facing, it is meant for you to conquer it. It is time to leave the survivor mentalities behind. We are conquerors. We can and will go to the pinnacle of life’s greatest achievements. There is no depth or height unattainable. Just keep believing, reaching and speaking life into your life. You owe it to yourself. Start living the life you deserve to live.

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