Photo submitted by Tim Brown -- Greensburg Police Officer Samantha Royal graduated from POST Nov. 10 in Lafourche Parish, making history at the Greenburg Police Department.

For the first time in the Greensburg Police Department’s 153-year history, all full-time police officers have received the Police Officer’s Standards and Training certification. The final officer, Samantha Royal, graduated from the POST certification program Nov. 10 in Lafourche Parish.

The POST standards are set by the state and all officers must achieve a passing grade on all of the training certification standards.

Police Chief Tim Brown said all of the officers who complete the program and are certified by the POST Council have shown a willingness to learn and a dedication to the job. He said the training does not stop when they leave the POST classrooms. “All Greensburg police officers receive monthly training on a variety of topics so that they are better able to serve the community in which they work and live,” Brown said.

Mayor Burke Jones said all officers, from police chief to patrol, are held to a high standard and are expected to perform duties as a professional.

With that in mind, in July 2013, Brown purchased body cameras that all officers must wear.

“This action by Chief Brown was approved by the Greensburg Town Council to provide accountability to the public and to protect the officers from false accusations,” Jones said.

The cameras have been used to convict suspects and to protect the reputations of officers falsely accused of wrongdoing, according to officials.

Brown said officers have noticed that people are nicer when they know their actions are being recorded and false complaints have dropped to zero.

The Police Department, working with the St. Helena Parish Sheriff’s Office, has formed a Special Response Team made up of members of both departments, Brown said.

This team will receive advanced training to ensure the safety of the public during a critical incident, Brown said.

St. Helena Parish Sheriff’s Office Detective Lee Carmona, and Greensburg Police Department Lt. Cedric Burise, are spearheading the development of this team with the help of Greensburg Police Officer Paul Britton, the training coordinator for the Greensburg Police Department, Brown said.