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Jasper Knighten

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool a person can possess. Having the capacity and ability to forgive others despite the pain is the difference between living a destiny-driven life versus a destiny-deprived life. Countless opportunities are missed, friendships are destroyed and self-inflicted wounds occur in a person’s life as a result of unforgiveness.

Life is like a semi-automatic weapon at times. It can shoot at our most vulnerable parts and seemingly empty all of its rounds in an attempt to destroy our hope and confidence. However, resentment, hostility and anger do not and will not be a part of your life. Whatever inch, mile or breath of unforgiveness you may have in your heart, let it go.

Life is extremely short and you are too precious to waste valuable time being concerned with some ordeal or person you cannot change.

I have wasted an insane amount of my life holding on to regrets, anguish from disrupted friendships and everything else under the sun. Holding on is counterproductive to human nature. We were made to be producers. We do not have the capacity to be consumers. Producers release and contribute to their environment. Consumers depend on their environment to survive and eventually die. Lacking the emotional and mental maturity to forgive will eventually lead to destruction and demise. Holding on to negativity requires strength and effort. The effort and strength given to negativity takes away from the strength needed to reach goals .

In some form and to some degree, each of us needs to release some impediment from our heart and mind. We are doing our lives a disservice. In many instances, we are holding the individuals we have not forgiven hostage as well. There is nothing in life more rewarding than the weight of unforgivness being lifted.

Today is the day of renewal and rejuvenation. The time is now. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.

Move on with the precious life you have been given. Be a love producer, not a hate consumer. This world needs our love and our forgiveness. We will forgive and be the strong, loving, humble, generous people we are.

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