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Jasper Knighten

Do you find yourself unknowingly competing with someone around you? Unfortunately, we all have been knocked off-track at some point in life because we were competing with someone we felt threatened by.

Due to intimidation, we compete and in the process lose sight of the goals we have set. Our society is predicated on competition. Competition is great, but it can become a cancer when it forces an individual to lose sight of self-worth and individual goals.

As children, each of us are taught to put forth our best effort and to exemplify excellence. Unfortunately, our adolescent rearing should have come with a big warning saying there will always be someone else better than you.

I have seen countless people struggle, myself included, with competing with people who have far superior skills. America has fashioned an era of copying the next best thing. We are a society of fads and trends. We tend to go with whatever is hot and working at the time. As a result, originality is slowly fading and becoming a distant memory.

Whether in the workplace, church or social organization, there always will be individuals who stand out. Some individuals are naturally gifted, while others have worked extremely hard to attain their expertise.

Quite naturally, as a result of an individual’s superiority, we often feel threatened and a keen desire to prove our ability. The truth of the matter is each of us is superior in some area of our lives. Each of us possesses some skill or trait that sets us apart from the pack. We must learn as individuals to take pride in the areas we have been blessed to be gifted.

It is easy to glance and become motivated to be like the next guy, but the next guy is suited to excel in his arena. The days are out for feeling down about our skill all because we feel someone else is far superior than we are.

Every person is extremely gifted in some area of life. The question then remains, what area of life are you gifted? Will you take advantage of your gift? Will you not compromise your self-worth by competing with someone else? These are the questions each of us must ask ourselves. No matter the arena of life we are in, each of us must come to the realization that we are important and play a significant role in the success of our organization.

Our world is in desperate need of bold, courageous and self-confident people who are willing to be original. People who understand their place in life and their self-worth make a difference. Our world needs difference-makers. The world is waiting to receive our gifts.

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